Summer Dresses at Prices You Will Love

Shimmer Floral Flounce Dress • Rayos Perforated Wedges • Rose Gold Necklace • Kirstie Stud Earrings • Vince Camuto Crossbody Saddle Bag Before we start chatting about dresses, I have to spill a little secret!  Remember the fun little fact about coffee that I shared with you on Sunday's Roundup?  Well this morning I decided to try another cup...that … Continue reading Summer Dresses at Prices You Will Love

Short & Sweet Sunday Roundup 

Another week has flown by! It's hard to believe it's almost July. There are SO many great sales right now! Believe it or not, stores are getting ready for their fall line, so it's a great time to buy clothes for the summer! Living in Austin, we have summer temperatures until late October so there's … Continue reading Short & Sweet Sunday Roundup 

Fashion On a Budget 

Shop the Look:  1. Pinstriped Tank 2. Stars Cold Shoulder Top 3. Gingham Dress 4. Bathing Suit 5. Cactus Tee 6.  Banana Peplum Top  Today I stumbled upon a clothing website that has so many adorable tops and dresses. Most are between $10-$20! Those prices are hard to beat!   You can check out thier … Continue reading Fashion On a Budget 

Summer Cocktail Recipe 

While at the beach this week I decided to try making Moscow Mules again! This go around was the best by far! No cute copper mug at the beach...a full Yeti lasts longer and doesn't let the sand get in your drink! 😉 I was looking for small bottles of flavored vodka & these were … Continue reading Summer Cocktail Recipe 

The Devil is in the Details

Although I love the movie Boondock Saints...I'm talking fashion details today. Before I share some some of the new additions to my closet, I want to apologize for not sending out the Sunday Roundup last week.  It is my favorite post to write each week but with school wrapping up and a senior about to … Continue reading The Devil is in the Details

5 Trends for Spring & Summer

Hi Friends, Happy Sunday! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! It's been a rainy weekend here in Austin so I've started spring cleaning and am close to taking everything out of my closet (a little overwhelming) And going through each item trying it on and then putting it into 4 stacks: keep, donate, … Continue reading 5 Trends for Spring & Summer