The Friday Five

Happy Friday!  I hope you have had a wonderful week.  I have spent this first week of break mostly running errands and organizing and there is still a lot to do!  One of which is going through my closet.  Does anyone really like to do that?  If so, maybe I need you to come help me! Haha!

The Friday Five

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  1. Women’s Ruffle Sleeve Eyelet Top: I am a big fan of eyelet and this top just makes me happy when I wear it.  It looks great with jeans, shorts, and a denim skirt.  It comes in white and white with pink accents.  Both are on sale!  No code needed.

  2.  Ruffle Culotte Jumpsuit: I have a hard time finding jumpsuits that fit right so this is the first one that I bought.  True story, my photographer, Joy wore this to a blogger event we attended and I fell in love with it.  It’s light and I love the pattern.  Lucky for you and I both, it’s on sale for under $30!  The purse is also a steal!  It comes in 4 colors and is just under $50.  I recently added a floral scarf in a bow on one side and it looks adorable.

  3. Espadrilles & Circle Rattan Purse:  I have several different types of espadrilles and I wear them almost everyday.   From your messages and comments, these are your favorite espadrilles too!  For me they were an investment that I talked myself into using a trick my sister taught me…something about dividing the cost by the number of times/days/years that you would wear them.  Haha!  I love it when she helps me rationalize a purchase.  Circle Rattan Straw Purses are a trend this summer.  I love that they can work as a crossbody or an over the shoulder purse.  I have found them ranging in price from $40-$200.   I linked the one pictured and it is the least expensive I found.  I will warn you it does take several weeks to arrive as it comes from overseas.
  4. A Little motivation and Kindness Reminder:   A friend of mine posted this quote on Instagram this week and it really spoke to me.  You are beautifully and perfectly made.  The world will be a much brighter and happier place if we all lift each other up and help each other shine.
  5. CHI Air Spin N Curl:  I received this product to try out and share with you.  I have to say I was more than a little worried that my hair would get sucked into the rotating barrel and get tangled, stuck, and burned.  Luckily, CHI created technology to prevent that craziness.  It is now my go-to curling iron.  Basically,  you hold each section at a 90 degree angle to the curling iron, push the button until your hair is curled in the chamber and then wait for the beep.  Pull down, and a beautiful curl is released.  I separate the curls, add hairspray, and that’s it!  Easy-Peasy!  I often get requests from you for a hair tutorial.  I did this tutorial several months ago with a different curling iron.  Would you be interested in a tutorial using this curling iron?

Cheers to the weekend!

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