Austin’s Best: Holiday Hotspots

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There are several places that are unique to Austin that are a must see if you happen to be in town over the holidays!  These are my top three but there are many other great places to check out!

1. Zilker Park Tree & Trail of Lights

Last night a friend and I visited the Trail of Lights and the Zilker Holiday Tree.  It’s the first time I’ve been since Taylor was little.  I ended up having to carry her half way through the trail and to the tree (talk about a workout)!  If you are attending with a little, I highly recommend a stroller!  The last trip took me 15 years to recover, haha!  It’s hard to choose my favorite part…the tree is amazing and so fun to twirl around under and the lights everywhere you turn are so beautiful along the trail!  It was pretty chilly so we stopped for some hot cocoa before heading back to the car.  The full experience took us close to 3 hours.

A Few Fun Facts:

The Zilker Holiday Tree is the largest man-made holiday tree, built upon one of Austin’s 17 historic moon towers.  This year you can enjoy more than 40 displays, 2 million lights, Austin’s favorite food trucks, and nightly entertainment.  The Zilker Tree is lit on November 26th and lights up the Austin skyline through December 31st from 6-12pm.  The Trail of Lights grand opening was December 9th and runs through December 23rd.

2. Decorate a Tree on Loop 360

1 360 tree decorating

Another Austin holiday tradition is decorating a tree on Loop 360, a highway that loops around Austin from North to South.  I am not exactly sure how or when this tradition began but it sure makes driving to and from work more fun!  Starting in November you can see families, groups of friends, and businesses along the side of the road decorating trees with net garland, ornaments, bows, and signs.  Some trees are traditional and others have a theme.  If you happen to be in Austin in November or December, I highly recommend starting a new tradition by decorating a tree or driving down the road enjoying the fruits of others’ labor.

3. Mozart’s Light Show


Mozart’s is a coffee shop located on Lake Austin by Hula Hut.  Every year they hold a light show with music hourly.  Just grab some coffee or hot cocoa, settle in and get ready for a beautiful light show accompanied by holiday music.  Seats fill quickly and it’s often standing room only.

What are some of your favorite holiday hot spots in your town?

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4 thoughts on “Austin’s Best: Holiday Hotspots

    1. The Trail of Lights and the Zilker Tree are definitely the most popular! Since you are in North/Central Austin this weekend the trees on 360 won’t be far from you.

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