Overcoming, Achieving, and Gratitude

With the Thanksgiving weekend drawing near, I wanted to write a special post that would give you a little insight into who I am and why I am a dream chaser.  This post is very different and has quite a bit of “real talk”.  I am sharing my personal experience in hopes that it might help one of you.  That is and always will be my primary reasons for blogging.

Helping Children Achieve Their Goals as an Educator

This post is near and dear to my heart for two reasons.  First,  I’ve worked with elementary age students everyday who come from different backgrounds, beliefs, and home situations for 19 years.  It inspires me every day that they leave everything they can at the door and have their heart set on learning and achieving.  Some days are harder than others but as an instructional specialist, I have the privilege of working with these students in small groups and get to know them each almost as well as their parents.  If they have a dream or goal,  I consider it my personal mission to support them in achieving whatever they set their mind to.  Many people have the misconception that teachers are in it for the vacation and that teaching is easy.  The truth is, I don’t know a single teacher who’s heart isn’t in the right place.  Most enter the field of education to make a difference in the lives of children.  After all, they are our future!  There is no better feeling than a former student coming back to give you a hug and say thank you!  It brings tears to my eyes and fills my heart everytime it happens.  When it comes to education I am a confidence builder, a goal digger, and an ear to a child who needs to talk.

As A Parent


Parenting is so much easier when your littles are actually little.  Once they head off to college, letting go can be a little challenging.  It is so worth it however to be able to see your child has grown in their independence and are working toward the dreams for their future.  In the back of my mind I find myself hoping that they are making good decisions and that I have taught her all the skills she needs to succeed.  I think it is still important to continue as many traditions as you can while they are growing up.  It’s their job to protest; but one day they will look back and create traditions with families of their own.

Don’t Let Anyone Stand In Your Way of Something You Believe

I received a letter from my dad from overseas today that left me feeling defeated.  According to him, and I quote:

  1. Whatever time and resources you spend on your blog, let it go- it’s vain and evil (in more ways than I could EVER imagine.
  2. If your daughter is planning to stay at college over the break then good- don’t chase her down for some “Mommie & Me” time.  In the pictures you sent (holiday pictures, she’s trying to get away from you). *See picture below
  3. Like it or not you are a middle aged women with cougar boots???? (He’s referring to my leopard print boots)
We’re just goofing around with an ongoing joke!  Do these boots look like cougar boots to you?

4. Isn’t it time that you live on your own.  He then proceeded to tell me three stories of other daughters he’s met in his travels who were doing so well organizing Greek Life as a profession and waitressing.  The waitress had a degree in education but chose to continue waitressing because it paid more.

5. Change your career and become an Ex-pat and teach at private international schools.

6. The love from your grandparents when your mom and I divorced gave you the illusion that you are a victim.  That feeling has carried over to adulthood.  Stop being a victim.

The rant went on.  I am sure you can tell how these words cut like a knife.  I initially  felt discouraged and beat up.  The funny part of it all is that he has never read a single blog post of mine.  I never want to make someone feel the way these words made me feel especially when every statement came from someone who barely knows me even though he is my father.

Take Aways:

I am sharing this with you because I want any of you out there who might have people in your life that tend to beat you up rather than lift you up, you are not alone.  I’m going to continue to blog, I am proud of my work.  I just wish he took the time to check it out or at least respect something I am passionate about.  I encourage you to chase your dreams no matter how big or small.  What’s the worst that could happen?  You fail, that’s it!  Then pick yourself back up and keep trying.  This is where children and adults do not differ.  Becoming fearless is not easy but you will never achieve your dreams if you don’t try.

If there is ever any way that I can help you in achieving something you are passionate about, I hope you will let me know!  I will do my best to help in every way that I can.  I am truly grateful for each and every one of you!

Keeping It Short & Sweet,


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14 thoughts on “Overcoming, Achieving, and Gratitude

  1. Kelli, thank you for sharing this! I can always count on you for anything. You are such a positive influence in so many peoples lives. I have always looked up to you since meeting through this amazing journey because of your hard work and dedication to everything that you do. It has been amazing watching you succeed in everything that you do. You have such a beautiful heart, and I can’t thank you enough for being an amazing friend. Keep shining!!


    1. That is just the kindest thing I’ve heard! You are priceless! I look forward to our friendship growing until one day we’re old ladies sitting on the porch swing! Sending you all my love! ❤️

  2. Hey girl! You are seriously the best! Nobody has time for that type of negativity! You are an amazing person! You are bringing smiles to so many people around you. I hope you let this brush off of you and push on with more strength and dignity as you can muster!

    1. You will always be my photographer ❤️ You are so talented and I am blessed that our paths crossed! Thank you for all that you do for me!

  3. Dear Kelli,

    First, I want to kill your father. Sorry, I should not say that but this person does not deserve you in any way.

    Second, thank you for sharing such an amazing story. You have inspired me and because of you I won’t give up today. We are together on this. I admire your work n love for what you create.

    Dream – achieve.

    With love,

    1. I love you Carol! Don’t ever give up my precious friend! You have been so inspiring to me. I feel blessed that our journey brought us together and blog or no blog, know that I am always a friend!

  4. Kelli- I always look forward to reading your blog. I am sorry your dad said such horrible, judgmental comments. Please know that you are better then that and that you are a strong, amazing woman (and being a cougar is a good thing…haha). I love the boots!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I shared hoping that it would inspire others to continue following their dreams. There will always be road blocks. I think my boots now have a new name…it’s kind of catchy!

  5. Oh Kelly. I do not know you personally but you are my sister in my head. 😊 With the pictures of you and your daughter that I have seen you are a great mother and that your beautiful smile please keep it up and see how God will keep helping you to impact more people. Love you sweet! This quote always help me and maybe it’ll help you too! “See yourself as who God made you to be. You have the talent, confidence, strength, and creativity to fulfill your purpose”


    1. Thank you so much Nike! You are my sister in my head too! I am going to write this down so I can carry it with me. You are a blessing!

  6. Hi Kelli,

    I’m so sorry you had to deal with that from someone who should be supportive and loving to you. I can totally relate on some level to you in this situation because I also have a challenging relationship with my mother but I try to focus on my blessings and leave the rest to God.

    I also want to say that I’m thankful that despite the difficulties with a relationship like this, you are a strong, smart and kind woman who is beautiful both inside and outside. You are passionately walking in your purpose and making an impact in the lives of people who meet you and that’s amazing. You are such a blessing and a ray of sunshine and I’m glad to have met you on this journey. Never let anything and anyone dim your light!


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