Fall Florals Under $30 & Managing Holiday Stress

Happy Monday everyone!  I couldn’t wait to share these adorable fall florals with you that are so affordable and perfect for the upcoming holidays.

 Floral Embroidered Tassel Bell Sleeve Blouse ∞ Oxblood Floral Dress ∞ Vince Camuto Over the Knee Boot (similar

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With Thanksgiving fast approaching, I wanted to first tell you all how thankful I am for you.  Writing blog posts would be no fun at all if no one read them!  Now for some real talk about holidays and stress.  Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day are usually filled with mixed emotions for me.  Are they for you too?  Adulting can be tough!

The anticipation of holiday family time gives me warm fuzzies until we start getting down to the logistics of timing everything around multiple families.  I’m sharing this so that those of you who feel the same way know that you are not alone.  My solution, although not easy, is to just accept what ever the day brings and rather than worry about coordination, focus on what time we do have together.  Honestly, just writing about it gives me a twinge of anxiety. Ha!

Holiday Sanity Tips

1.  Start a new book: Getting lost in a book is a great way to relax and let your mind focus on something else. Someone in your family talking politics or had one too many glasses of wine? Just pick up your book, haha!  If any of you have book suggestions, I would love to hear them!

2. Download the Calm app: It is free for educators and has some free applications within the app if you do not want to purchase a subscription.  It has meditations, breathing, tutorials, as well as bed time stories for children and adults just to name a few.  I have been using the Deep Sleep Release Meditation every night and I fall asleep before it’s over every time.

Calm App Mindfulness

3. Go for a Nature Walk:  Taylor and I used to do the Turkey Trot every Thanksgiving with a group of friends.  It was a fun family/friend tradition and a great way to walk off the turkey!  It’s a little harder to make the 5K a priority now that my sister also has littles and teens tend to not want to stick with tradition (I just got a firm no from Taylor about the 5K this year).  I’m not sure if the Turkey Trot is in my future this year but I am sure that I will take a little hike even if it is at the park near my house.  Getting outside and enjoying the fall leaves and fresh air always lifts my spirits.

4. Online Holiday Shopping: Okay, I know…this one only works for those of us who love to shop.  I’d rather shop online than battle crowds and I love finding great deals.  I plan on doing a little Christmas shopping online for Taylor while she is having Thanksgiving time with her dad.

5. Make Something for Someone I plan on stocking up on burlap wreath material and making a few wreaths for friends.  Would y’all be interested in a burlap wreath tutorial?  If so, let me know in the comments section and I’ll do a how-to in a future post.

What are your tips for reducing holiday stress?

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