How to Wear a Blanket Scarf

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I love wearing scarves in the fall and winter and have several blanket scarves that I have purchased in the past that usually tend to end up being a closet accessory rather than an outfit accessory.  I have always loved how they look on other people, however I am petite and often feel swallowed by blanket scarves when trying to wear them as a traditional scarf.

This fall season, wearing blanket scarves like a wrap or cape is on trend.  What a relief for all of us petite ladies out there!  Am I right?  We had a “cold front” come through this week and I was so excited to actually be able to wear some of my fall favorites like this scarf.  Because the weather was cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon, I paired it with this cami.  Layering is the easiest way to start transitioning into your fall wardrobe without feeling uncomfortable as the temperatures rise in the afternoon.

What are your go to fall accessories?

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