Summer Cocktail Recipe 

While at the beach this week I decided to try making Moscow Mules again! This go around was the best by far!

No cute copper mug at the beach…a full Yeti lasts longer and doesn’t let the sand get in your drink! 😉

I was looking for small bottles of flavored vodka & these were 2 for $10 at the beach liquor store! So if you can find this brand where you are it’s probably even cheaper! Both flavors were great but my favorite by far is the blue raspberry! 

In a large Yeti cup fill with ice and a whole ginger beer (alcohol free) and add vodka to taste!  It’s that easy…if I can make it, I know you can too! 

I hope your week is off to a great start! What’s your favorite summer cocktail?

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  1. Ohhhh this sounds amazing!!! I’m so eager to go to OC for the weekend coming up, it’s a mini vayk to hold us off until our big one in October. Enjoy hun and love this top 💓💓💓

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