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I often have people ask me about my fitness routine and they’re always surprised when I say that I do it all in my bedroom! Haha…I’m not kidding! Not to mention it’s Short & Sweet.  Literally, questions about my workout routine were the primary reason my friends encouraged me to start a blog!

Almost two years ago, I started using the Fitstar Yoga App everyday.  For $40 a year it gave me unlimited use of all of their yoga routines.  I had joined gyms and paid for yoga sessions I never attended way too many times, mostly because there was never a class that worked with my schedule.  I know for many people attending classes and having workout buddies are sources of motivation and accountability.  I love the idea of working out with my friends in theory but let’s face it, who wants to be somewhere by 5 in the morning to workout?  I know it’s madness…if I had to drive somewhere to workout at that time, it just wouldn’t happen.  On weekday afternoons, if it’s not happy hour I’m headed home.  Just keeping it real!

When it came time to renew my FitStar subscription this year, I decided to pass because I know the routines I love by heart!  There is nothing better that I have found to tone and sculpt my arms, abs, and legs as well as keep my back pain free.

A little history, several years ago, I fell and sustained 3 compression fractures in my thoracic spine.  I tried everything and seriously, nothing could tackle the pain.  After consistently doing yoga for about 6 months I was pain free.  I didn’t start yoga to stop the pain but I certainly will not stop because the pain has!

In the past, I  literally rolled out of bed and onto the yoga mat and was half asleep when I started and felt great by the end. Currently, I do yoga in the evenings and it helps me relax and fall asleep more easily.

These days in the morning, I multi-task!  At 5:00 a.m. I hop on this portable elliptical for 30 minutes of cardio while I work on Short and Sweet related business. Elementary school starts early so I leave my house by 6:30 every morning! Whew…I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot by the time I walk out my front door and the day hasn’t even started yet for most people!

Summer break is only a few weeks away and I am looking forward to sleeping in a little and switching back to doing yoga in the morning and elliptical in the afternoon.  The older I get, the better it feels to stretch in the morning!  I feel more relaxed and centered all day.

That’s pretty much it other than occasionally hiking around Austin! No more paying for classes that I don’t attend! I’m my own personal trainer, and for all the single or busy moms out there, I hear you! If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer to the best of my ability. I’d love to hear all of your workout secrets! If you need a workout buddy or a source of motivation let me know!

Keeping it Short & Sweet~

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