What’s in my Beach Bag

Old Navy Tote Sweet Little Lies •  Pacifica COCO PURE •  Hawaiian Tropic Lip Balm SPF 45 • Channel Sunglasses (similar) •  Tory Burch Flip FlopsRoxy Hat (similar-I have this one too)

There are several things that I always try to have in my bag when heading to the beach. Sunscreen and plenty of water are a given but there are a few more favorites that I like to bring as well. 

1. A roomy tote and my North Face backpack are my go to bags for a beach day. I like to be able to find what I’m looking for easily. Style is nice but function and convenience are more important to me.  That being said I love the Old Navy tote’s blush suede interior and the outside is easy to clean with a non-alcohol wipe. 

2. This adorable wet bikini bag is the perfect solution for toting around a damp swimsuit after a day at the beach & pool. 

3. I love Pacifica COCO PURE wipes. They are packaged for makeup removal but I use them for everything. They contain coconut milk and water, Jojoba oil, and aloe vera. 

4. I always pack a hat! Not only does it protect your face and scalp from the sun, it’s also great for when your beach hair don’t care goes from messy cute to messy nightmare.  Be honest here, how many times have you had a sunburn where your hair parts? Not only is it painful it’s the absolute worst if it peels!  Keeping it real!

5. I like to have a good beach read. I try to pick something that is a fun read. It’s all about enjoyment and letting my brain relax.  I have a group of friends that put books they’ve read in a special spot at work. When I’m heading to the beach or a camping trip I always grab 2-3 books that look interesting and are not something I would necessarily buy. This week I’ve been reading Sweet Little Lies by Lauren Conrad. 

What’s in your beach bag? I’d love to hear your recommendations!  Don’t miss a post, subscribe below and then check your email to confirm your subscription. You can also follow me on Instagram @ShortandSweet_ATX. 

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