Hostess/Host Thank Yous and Gifts

I’m preparing for a weekend trip to visit a friend I haven’t seen in several years. I would like to bring something  to say thank you. 

I know host/hostess gifts are more or less a tradition that is slowly slipping away.  However, I still have a few friends that keep this tradition of thoughtfulness  alive and I always am so surprised and grateful for these small acts of kindness. I believe even a simple thank you note purposefully placed in a location that can be found after your departure is a great way to express your appreciation. That being said, I also believe that the message should be written so that is genuine and reflects what you enjoyed about the visit and are thankful for. Generic letters just don’t seem to fit in this situation. 

So, here’s the delimma…readers, I NEED your help! Is a simple thank you card enough? What in the world can you add to the thank note as a small gift especially if your fly?  

Please leave a comment if you have suggestions!  Thank you for your help!

Keeping it Short & Sweet,


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