5 Health Secrets for the Upcoming Months 

1. On November 6th, Daylight Savings Time ends, and many people think woohoo…an extra hour of sleep! This is the perfect time to keep your regular sleep routine and use the “extra” hour in the morning to excercise!  Take a morning walk, do yoga, or hit the gym in the morning because as darkness comes earlier in the evening,it’s more difficult to push yourself to workout after work. 

2. Get anxious and stressed by the holidays? Go for a walk or hop on the treadmill. Excercise helps reduce stress and anxiety. 

3. This week it’s okay to have some candy. It’s Halloween after all & it will be everywhere! Just try to remember to eat sweet treats in moderation or limit yourself  to one cheat day a week. 

4. Thanksgiving & Christmas meals are just around the corner. Try to remember portions and to choose the healthiest food that you love. Small portions allow for desert if you have a sweet tooth like me! These holidays are a whopping 2 days, enjoy yourself! There’s always time for a 30 minute walk in the cooler weather between food & football! 

5. Enlist a friend to be your accountability partner. In the past, it’s been fun to have a buddy, our schedules & workout time is rediculoisly early by most people’s standards! We just send a text to say good morning & it’s time to workout! It’s easy and it feels so good to know someone is up with you even if you are not actually working out together! I challenge you to give it a try! If you want me to be your workout buddy, expect a bright & early text! Send me a message if you would like to join a morning group text. 

Why wait until January 1st to make a resolution? You’ve got this now!

Keeping it Short & Sweet,


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