Two for Tuesday 

A couple of recommendations for tomorrow:

1 Watch This is Us Tuesdays on NBC

If you loved Parenthood, you’ll love this show!  Catch up on the first 4 episodes on Demand or on Hulu. 

2. Vote Early! 

Avoid long lines on November 8th & get out there and Vote Early through November 4th. Click here to learn more about early voting locations.  I voted this afternoon on my way home and was surprised at how many people were in line for the first early voting day in Texas! 

Keeping it Short & Sweet,


2 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday 

  1. We just watched our first episode of This Is Us – but not the very first episode of the show. I’ll have to go back. I had heard good things about it! >

    1. I think you’ll like it. Definitely recommend going back & watching the first couple of episodes. There are past/present relationships that took a few episodes to figure out. Don’t want to be a spoiler! 😉

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