Definition: The month of, one kind of crazy or another, reason unknown 

October has a lot to be excited about: Octoberfest, a change of seasons, excitement about cooler weather,  fall smelling candles, pumpkin spice everything, candy corn, football, and of course Halloween. 

Bath and Body Works Autumn and Leaves candles are two of my favorite scents at this time of year!  Keep your eye out for coupons as these 3 wick candles are often on sale and there coupons for 20% off your entire purchase as well as additional $10 off when you spend $30.  Buy one for you and one as a gift. I always try to stock up gifts for birthdays and the upcoming holidays as I come across great deals. 

With all that this month has to offer it also seems to be a month of strange things. Teachers are very familiar with this craziness and I assure you it isn’t about students.  It’s the time of realization, thinking, “holy cow,” it’s October, seriously, we’re already close to Thanksgiving and winter break & I still have so much I want my students to learn. 

A few weeks ago, I felt an overpowering urge to clean EVERYTHING! Within a few days I had cleaned out and organized every shelf, drawer, and closet not only in my house but also in my classroom.  I threw away trash bags of who knows what, pulled together 2 full bags of clothes to donate, and then proceeded to reorganize my closet. I always switch out clothes for the upcoming season & organize by color…a little ocd, I know, haha. 

If you happen to live in Texas, you’re no doubt counting the days until the weather dips below 90 consistently! With every small cold front there is a rush of excitement for 2-3 days only to return to summertime tempuatires. 

Ragweed is in the high count and cedar isn’t far behind so to all the allergy sufferers out there, I’m right here with you! Start taking those allergy meds regularly, daily probiotics, and get your flu shot. Allergies are enough to drive anyone insane not to mention how allergy medicines can make you feel!

Stock up on the things that make you happy and hang on tight…only 10 days and it’ll be November!

Keeping it Short & Sweet,


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