Tunity App

I’m so excited about the Tunity app! For the longest time I didn’t like watching football. I felt like I never knew what was going on until someone showed me the trick of listening to the game on the radio through an earbud while watching the game! It changed everything for me! People were always stunned when we were watching a game and I’d be able to say the call before they could tell what was going on. This was great for Longhorn games because they’re always on the radio! Tonight while watching the Broncos game, I mentioned that I wish I could listen while watching the way I used to. I don’t own a portable radio and honestly, do they even make them anymore??? 

Allow me to introduce you to the Tunity App! Sign up, scan the tv where the game is playing & BAM you get the play by play on your phone!!! The guys at the table were downloading the app as quickly as I was! Now, just need to upgrade my earbuds to the wireless version (no need for cords these days) & success! 

I hope you enjoy this app as much as I do! 

Keeping it Short & Sweet!


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