Sun-kissed Skin, No Cancer Worries

Looking back on my younger years, I cringe inside a little. I’m sure many of you do too. Everyone looks better sun kissed. Now I slather on sunscreen & have even bought (but not yet used) a long sleeve rashgaurd. 

I’ve tried many different spray tanning machines and self-tan lotions but feel like my skin always looks a little “Donald Tump” orange.  The only sunless tan I’d found that really looked like a real tan was airbrush custom tanning. This option is just too pricey for my budget on a regular basis. 

After reading a ton of reviews, I decided to try St. Tropez Gradual in Shower Tanning Lotion. I purchased the Golden Glow Medium but they also carry a lighter version for fair skin types. 

St. Tropez

I’ve been using it in the shower everyday for the last week and am 100% happy! Not only does my skin have a natural tan color, I don’t smell like tanning lotion, and I don’t have a single streak of oddly tanned skin. 

The only drawback for some is that you have to wait 3 minutes before rinsing it off your skin.  This is not a problem for me, I simply put a towel outside my shower to step on to dry the bottom of my feet and then use a small amount of exfoliating scrub on my palms and rub it in between my fingers and the inside of my wrists and then rinse the inside of my hands in the sink. Then I brush my teeth. That’s 3 minutes! I jump back in the shower rinse & then dry off. That’s it!!!

After a week using the product, my skin looks like this

Check out St. Tropez ‘In Shower Tanning Lotion Golden Glow Medium’. It is $25 at Nordstrom, but I’m sure you can find it in other places that sell St. Tropez.  It only takes a small amount & the bottle is pretty big so I think it’ll last several months. 

Have a fabulous Labor Day!

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