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Last spring, I fell victim to a fraudulent phone call that I received on my cell phone.  They were very convincing and had me running to the bank to deposit money before they “served me with papers to appear in court”.  I had heard of these types of scams but wasn’t suspicious of this particular call until the fraudulent company continued to withdraw money from my checking account monthly after a debt had been paid.  I tried calling the company and of course, there was NO ANSWER!  I went to 2 bank locations before I was able to find someone who could help me.  Because the amount of the withdraws was over $1500, the bank asked me to file a police report.  I stood in the bank and tried with no luck as the officer that I spoke to said, he didn’t know what “crime had been committed”.   Luckily, the bank manager was with me as I was talking to the police officer and was shocked.  I wrote my statement and filed a claim (luckily I had used my Visa Debit card)!  After almost 90 days, I received $600 of the $1500 back (the rest could not be recovered because it was past the time limit unfortunately).

Protect Yourself!

I heard about the Mr. Number App on the news one morning and have been using it ever since.  It really gives me a piece of mind as it is updated daily with fraudulent, scam, and spam numbers.  It is super easy to use.

The following is a description of the App from the Apple App Store:

mr number description

Take care out there!  Now that cell phones are no longer protected from these types of callers, it is important to help keep each other safe!  If you know of any other apps or ways to identify these types of call please comment in the section below!  I know all of the Short and Sweet readers would LOVE to hear what you have used!

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