10 Things You Might Not Know About Teachers

1. It’s really hard to go to sleep the night before we go back to school even though we still have a week before students arrive. 

2. We’re really excited to start a new school year. 

3. We have more trouble than kids when it comes to sitting still & listening. 

4. Sometimes we forget that it’s rude to talk when someone else is speaking. It’s just so exciting to see each other & share our summer stories!

5. We can’t wait to buy new school supplies. Especially if they’re color coded and cute! Seriously, we keep post-it notes in business. 

6. It’s a myth that teachers have 3 months off. It’s a great & well deserved break but we also teach summer school & go to and present trainings. The trainings help us become better teachers no matter how many years we’ve been teaching. 

7. We read over the summer just like we ask our students to do. Some of the books we read are children’s books we want to recommend to students or use in instruction. 

8. We think about our students over the summer and hope they had a great one. We can’t wait to see them! 

9. When we first walk into our classroom it looks like this: 

10. When students walk into the school our rooms are transformed into a nurturing and innovative learning space:

*I wrote an innovative learning environment grant for furniture that allows students to choose the way they learn best including stand up tables, tables for collaboration between students, tables with whiteboard surfaces, and wobble stools. I’ll find out if I received the grant this week. Say a little prayer! I know that the kids would love being able to learn in this way!

It’s funny and true! We’re not so different than the students we teach. 

As always, keeping it short & sweet,


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